Our clientele

Geomatics.us affiliates and customers span a wide range of industries and cover a large area of expertise.

“We use the G1-LoTUSTM System in all our GNSS surveys; the system has proved highly accurate.”

Nicholas DiGruttolo, PSM, MS Director of Surveying & Mapping JBrown Professional Group Gainesville, FL

“They are the go-to company for affordable GNSS solutions.”

Franck Boynton VP and CTO NavtechGPS Springfield, VA

“Without Geomatics USA technical expertise, our team in the National Plan for Science and Technology would not have been able to perform the project.”

Ayman Aguib, PhD Professor of Surveying &Mapping King Saud University Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

“Excellent onsite training, quick and effective response, and speedy maintenance are what you can expect from Geomatics USA - those guys are great!”

Braden H Welch, Survey Technician Public Works - Alachua County, FL

“GUSA really went the extra mile to customize our new LoTUSTM system to get excellent results despite adverse GNSS conditions.”

Joseph A Martinetti, MS Environmental Geologist Western Plains Consulting Bismarck, ND

“The seamless integration of Geomatics USA GNSS RTK system with our side-scan sonar enabled efficient and accurate use of our time – thank you.”

Jose A. Rivera, MS Environmental Scientist NOAA – Boquerón, PR

“Geomatics USA customer support is exactly what we needed to get the job done.”

Kaj Hedin, President Special Projects Inc. Calgary, AB

“We integrated a number of Geomatics USA GNSS products into our sounding systems – all our customers are happy with the GNSS performance.”

Damon Wolfe, President Delray Beach, FL