Software Development


Geomatics USA develops turn-key solutions including hardware and software. In addition to the hardware-specific software, we also develop all-purpose generic software and application-specific custom software.

Generic Software

  • iNavigate: a generic GNSS satellite data processing and navigation software. The core of the software package is C++ classes that are built to handle simple navigation problems like tracking satellites and calculating coordinates; inheritance and object oriented design is used to build more complex relationships. The data structures all conform to the RINEX (Receiver Independent Exchange) format. The main theme of the package is educational since it handles cases that might not be feasible from operational perspective. The package can be used in courses with students and in setting up some research experiments. The package has a simple graphical user interface.
  • surveyNet: a unified least-squares observation-based network adjustment analysis. The software is composed of C++ classes of survey observation equations. Object oriented design then is used to build more complex relationships between the objects that makeup the network, e.g. line lengths and directions, and point coordinates. The package utilizes offline interface where analyzers input the relationships between the network components through C-language-like commands. an inline interpreter can be utilized to build interactive interface; in which case, the analyzer will be able to examine partial network cases interactively.
  • iCAN: software package to capture, acquire, and navigate image mapping systems. The package is a series of routines to control and georeference image survey systems in real time.
  • iMAP: SIFT-based image processing package to process images to produce precision georeferenced image maps and digital elevation models.

Specific Software

We also develope client-requested custom software. For example, we were involved in developing the following:

  • ifSAR quality control of Synthetic Aperture Radar data for Intermap Technologies Inc., Calgary, AB
  • hydro data searching and reporting for Measutronics Corp, Lakeland, FL
  • GNSS datum transformation for Northrop Grumman 3001, Inc, Gainesville, FL