Who are we?

Geomatics.us has been serving the needs of businesses, both large and small, for over a decade. It builds on the success of Palm Geomatics Inc., founded by Dr. Ahmed Mohamed, and its associates in the US, Canada, and worldwide. The fist challenge was to create a powerful infrastructure of their own.

Geomatics.us has now an affiliated team of professionals committed to delivering unparalleled service; it is considered the most trusted name in Geomatics services and consulting.

Ahmed H Mohamed

Chief Technology Officer, Geomatics.us, LLC

Khaled M Tobar

Cheif Operating Officer, Geomatics.us,LLC

Ashraf E Mostafa

Cheif Information Technology, Geomatics.us,LLC

Nicholas DiGruttolo

Cheif Surveyor, Geomatics.us,LLC