G1-LoTUSTM System

The world's most affordable high-quality GNSS Network Rover System.

G1-LoTUSTM GNSS Network Rover (NetRover) is a real-time differential positioning and navigation system that utilizes the widely available network correction services over the internet (NTRIP) from Continuously Operating Reference Stations (CORS) in the nation and across the world to yield cm-level positional accuracy.

Example NTRIP CORS Network The FDOT SpiderNet page

Who G1-LoTUSTM NetRover is for:

  • small/One-man surveying and mapping companies/professionals
  • Environmentalists seeking high positional precision
  • Construction and urban survey crews on a work site
  • Geospatial specialists seeking simple-to-operate GPS system
  • Airborne mappers
  • Near shore marine surveys

What to expect from G1-LoTUSTM NetRover:

  • Easy to operate one-button rugged and waterproof smart antenna
  • 120 receiver tracking channels covering the GPS/GLO dual constellations
  • More than 12 satellites in view 90% of the time
  • Cm-level positional accuracy (Fixed Solution) within seconds
  • RS232 Lemo connector AUX port (external power, config, comm)
  • Uninterrupted operation with hot-swappable IMR batteries available everywhere
  • 8" large touch screen ruggedized tablet data collector
  • Microsoft Windows 10 software interface
  • Simple and intuitive I/O dialogs
  • State-of-the-art peripheral utilization: Bluetooth, WiFi, Cellular connectivity
  • Survey, stakeout, and verify results onsite
  • Document survey site - use the tablet camera or draw on the tablet whiteboard
  • Remotely control the survey operation from the office!
  • A single operator crew/mission


[2017.07.21] Geomatics USA showcasing at FSMS 2017 in Naples, FL

G1-LoTUSTM - Brochure

G1-LoTUSTM - Getting Started Guide